TMS Treatment Cost

TMS Treatment Cost Brisbane

Is TMS Therapy Covered by Medicare?

To be eligible for an acute course of up to 35 TMS treatments, patients must:
  • Be an adult (18+) diagnosed with major depression
  • Have tried two different classes of antidepressant medication without satisfactory improvement
  • Have undertaken psychological therapy
  • Have not received rTMS therapy previously
To be eligible for a maintenance course of up to 15 TMS treatments, patients must:
  • Have responded positively to an initial course of Medicare funded TMS treatment
  • Have been in remission for four months following treatment but have since relapsed
  • Have not had TMS therapy for depression in the last 4 months
  • TMS treatment costs may be met in full for serving military, DVA, and WorkCover patients upon successful application. After referral to NeuroXcell TMS Clinic we look after the paperwork and prepare the application on your behalf.

Private Health Fund Cover

Some private health fund will cover the cost of TMS depend on individual case.

Private treatment

Is available, please contact us for pricing.

*Other payment options are available and our team will try to find a solution for you to start treatment as soon as possible